6 Ways to Handle Angry Customers

As you run your business, you may find yourself dealing with angry customers. It’s a situation that you can’t control, but you can choose how to handle it. Think of it as an opportunity to teach customers why they shouldn’t be angry with you, and show them why you are the best person for the job.

People often think angry customers are a waste of time. But how many of us worry about the bad experiences we have with customers when we are calm rather than upset? The truth is, good customer service is the name of the game for successful small business owners. That’s why the following will help you deal with angry customers, prevent them from ruining your business, and make sure your customers leave happy:

1. Stay calm when dealing with angry customers. If you’re an entrepreneur or worker who deals with angry customers on a regular basis, you know how hard it can be to remain calm when a customer becomes hostile. Some people are just plain to mean, and you have to learn to deal with the situations when someone is getting to you. Although there are many ways to handle an angry customer, the most important thing is to remain calm.

2. It isn’t personal. Just because a customer is on the receiving end of a bad experience with a product doesn’t mean it is personal against you or that they blame you personally for the experience. It’s easy to get so caught up at the moment that you think it is personal, but it’s not. If someone has a bad experience with the product or service you provide, it’s about the product or service itself. You can’t blame them for their bad experience. You can, however, provide a better product, service, or way of doing things.

3. Your listening skills are needed. When angry customers show up at your door, they can be very intimidating. You may be fearful of them, or they may be angry because they feel you’ve failed to meet their expectations for service. Either way, you’ll likely want to brace for the worst when they arrive. For one, you’ll need to use your best listening skills to gather their needs. It’s also important to follow up with them as soon as possible to help them feel heard.

4. Understand and express sympathy. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of an angry customer. There are many ways to respond, but none of them are perfect in the long term. When there’s a problem, customers will expect you to fix it. When customers are angry, there are a number of effective responses, and many of them can be mutually beneficial. Expressing sympathy for their unpleasant customer experience can be one of them.

5. Apologize respectfully. You’ve just had a terrible customer experience and want to respond quickly and with class. You want to apologize, but you also want to hold the door open for more meaningful interactions with your customers in the future. You can do this with a simple, straightforward statement like “I’m sorry you were upset” or “I’m so sorry we didn’t meet your expectations.”

6. Offer a solution. The best way to handle angry customers is by finding a solution. The two most effective ways are to provide a solution to your angry customer and to acknowledge their anger, or in other words, to take responsibility for it. If the customer is angry, they are dissatisfied with how you handled the situation and the product. When it comes to angry customers, you need to respond to their problems quickly and efficiently, regardless of how angry they are. And, once you’ve handled the situation, you need to constantly make an effort to ensure that the customer feels taken care of. As a business employer, you can make use of software solutions offered by companies like Delighted and occasionally keep track of your customers and record their experience. As a firm or brand, this can help you understand where your strengths and weakness as a business lies.


There are times when your customers may end up in an upset state. It may be the result of a product defect, a faulty service, a bad experience, or anything else for that matter. However, you can still have a good conversation with them to get back on track.

Client experience should be prioritised over most goals because it could affect the trajectory your business is heading in. Their reviews could reflect what it is like to be your customer. When they critique your offerings online, you would have to follow up and be up to speed with what word travels around about your brand or company. If necessary, you would have to remove negative google reviews and take steps accordingly to assure quality and maintain a clean slate. It is essential that you maintain an image that conveys you as a reputed and trustworthy company so as to retain and possibly expand your customer base.

Customers are one of the main reasons companies exist, so when they are angry with you, it is important to handle them. The best way to handle them is to do what you are good at, such as making sure your product is of good quality, your shipping service is fast, and that you offer them a satisfying experience. It also helps to know how to deal with their complaints.

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