5 Ideas for Re-energizing Yourself and Your Staff

The only constant here in the business world is change. Whether it be the economy, technology, or even the state of your competitors, your business is always evolving and changing. The best way to stay revitalized and re-energized for a business owner is to encourage your employees to do the same.

Here are 5 ideas for Re-energizing yourself and your staff:

  • Change what you do

Work is something that many of us can relate to on some level. Whether you’re in a job for the money or intellectual stimulation, it’s always nice to feel like you’re doing something you’re passionate about. When you wake up every day, it’s tough to be motivated to get out of bed and put on a suit to go to an office, but it’s even tougher to put on your work clothes every evening, walk out of your house to get to work, and then stay in all night (which people working in international time zone may go through).

The key, of course, is to find ways to make the workday more exciting. You’ve done it! You’ve worked your butt off to get where you are, and now you want to make sure you have the energy to keep going. So, what do you do? Stop “sitting around” and get some fresh air? Watch an inspirational movie? Take a nap? The truth is, you should be planning more than just “taking a break.” Creating a routine that includes physical activity every day is one of the best ways to energize yourself and your staff, so ditch the idea that “workouts” only come on the weekend and make this a daily habit.

  • Serve problems as learning experiences.

The world of business can be a grueling one, leaving its many employees drained and disillusioned. Add to that the fact that travel is an integral part of the job, and you have worn down and overworked workers. It’s a recipe for burnout. But there is something you can do to fight back: stop thinking of yourself as a “taskmaster” and instead view yourself as a teacher, a motivator, and a role model. Start approaching each day as an opportunity to hone your skills. Consider your staff as your students, and think about what you can teach each of them. For instance, in preparation for a big event in a few weeks, you want to get employees pumped up and excited-but aren’t sure how to do it. So, change up a few things in the office like the work environment and serve problems as learning experiences.

  • Frequently engage with people

As a leader, it’s important to keep people engaged. Constant engagement can vary from writing a weekly newsletter to answering questions on social media and even engaging directly with customers via email. As a business owner, you spend a lot of time with your staff. Some people find it relaxing, and others find it boring. Either way, disengaging from work can be a good way to keep employees from being burnt out. But how do you do that?

One way is to regularly interact with your employees. Engage them. Ask them about their families, and if you are lucky, you may even get a few stories about pets or kids. Engage with them on an intellectual level, share your philosophy about the company and industry, and remember that you are a good person and that you want the best for your team. In addition, engagement should be from both sides, so welcome suggestions and advice from your team as well. Give them credit whenever it’s required.

  • Recognize the winning moments

When you’re at the peak of your career, and your business is doing really well, certain things can boost your energy. One of the biggest factors is how you feel with respect to how well your team likes you. A team that you can rely on is important, but so is making sure you’re working with people who are exactly what you need at this particular moment in time for the business to grow efficiently.

  • Celebrate special occasions

Celebrating special occasions doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Your office Christmas parties, for example, can be a fun way to boost company morale and let loose for a bit. Further, if you get video coverage of the event, you can create great lasting memories for your employees, and it could help your brand too (read more here to find out how). You could also plan a special event and make it memorable, but not expensive. Keep it low profile, perhaps a small in-office party at the end of the day or a staycation for two days. You can also arrange events like sports day or a company-wide restaurant fundraising event to get the families involved, which can make a positive impact on your employees.

The workplace isn’t always the best place to unwind, but you can use a few opportunities to get back in touch with yourself and your staff. If small gestures by you as a boss can make your staff members happy, then it’s worth giving a try since it will ultimately improve your company’s work environment.

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